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Project Management.
That's what we do.  That's all we do.
How We Work

We work two ways:  

we arrive during project selection and initiation
we arrive when your company executives call us

- and that's not pretty.

Be smart.  Be proactive.  Call us before you think
you need us.
How We Do It

All of our Project Managers are certified (PMP) professionals and have at least 12 years of experience.   Each one
has been trained in the Project Authority's methodology and all of our PMs work the same way.  They all have
different styles and personalities, but their methods are unified.

We match the Project Manager's skill and personality to your culture and your organizational needs.  We align our
methods with your strategic business unit.
The Plan Pro, Inc.
The Premier Project Management Company
This is why we are able to say we are the best in project
management skills.  There is no guesswork.  We know the
earned value in your project.  We know the current spend.  
We know the risks and issues.  We know ...  And so do
you.  Communication to stakeholders is our specialty, and
your reputation will never suffer with our Project
Management Certified Professional managing your project
from initiation through close.  

Let us take the stress out of your project.  We deliver.